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Class Description:

“UrbanKiz” was born from Kizomba basics but evolved into its own form. It is danced to more modern music and hence is coined as an ‘Urban’ dance form. This is a couple’s dance with a ‘leader’ and ‘follower’, the steps are modern variations of Kizomba and include lot of linear movement, pivots, tricks, and styling elements. The dance allows a lot of freedom to dancers to incorporate their own flavor and develop a unique personal style.

Classes are open to anyone - no previous dancing experience is required.

We will start with basics and build up to more advanced step through the year, so we suggest joining at start as joining in middle will be tricky. You do not need to bring any a partner as people will be paired and partners switched regularly in class, however if you do have a partner that’s a bonus. We will also try to set up dedicated time for practice sessions. Join us and lets have fun with UrbanKiz together!

Recommended Attire:

Any comfortable outfit with causal shoes is ok, ladies can come with heels too.