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Hip Hop Fusion

I've been dancing for around 11 years now and I'm not planning to stop any time soon- even when I'm old and the only thing I can move is my left eyebrow. I love freestyling and sharing the dance floor with others, as well as I'm always down to have a 'silly dance moves competition' as I've had a lot of practice in my room for just that.


Beginners/Improvers Contemporary


I started dancing when I was three and have been involved in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Ballroom and Latin in local dance schools throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. I was put onto the vocational programme and have done exams including Intermediate Ballet, Grade 8 Ballet and Intermediate Modern. I have been part of solo and group performances at my secondary school and twice choreographed in the school’s annual dance competition in which my house won on both occasions.

In 2014, I was cast as a school child in Scottish Ballet’s Production of Hansel and Gretel at His Majesty’s Theatre. I have danced duet and group performances in numerous locations including HMT, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Arts Centre and Inverurie Town Hall. Additionally, I have been involved in the Inverurie Panto in 2010 as a Junior Cast Member and 2018 as a Senior Cast Member doing jazz, musical theatre and contemporary. Last year, I was part of the Salsa class and Salsa showcase and am ready to do more this year.

I have been working at Danscentre as a teaching assistant for 5 years and have decided that now is the time for me to teach my own class. I am so excited to be teaching beginner/improver contemporary this year



I was an active martial artist before I started Salsa. I believe it's given me an advantage when I first started learning the footwork, timing and structure. I quickly picked up the more difficult techniques at Latin Dance festivals and I'm able to lead them when social dancing. I started Salsa at roughly the same time as Laura and we share the same experience with our Salsa summer classes. I first came to AUDS at the end of 2017 when the then current AUDS Salsa teacher asked me to assist her with the Salsa classes. When she left in 2018 she asked me to continue teaching Salsa for AUDS so the party wouldn't stop.



I am very passionate about dancing, especially salsa & bachata. I have been dancing for 5 years and have taught salsa & bachata at the University of Hertfordshire in 2017 and have taught classes in cafés in North London. I am a UoA PhD student in Medical Sciences, I am more than excited to share my passion for bachata and teach it this year.



I have been dancing since the age of seven, and although I haven’t grown much in terms of height since then, the growth in my love of dance has been non-stop! I trained in the styles of tap, ballet, and modern at a small dance school in Aberdeenshire, and I am currently training to be a B.A.T.D. qualified teacher in tap and modern.

I have been in AUDS for four years, last year having gained 1st place titles with my choreography in tap and contemporary for the society’s competition team. This year I hope to do the same for the tap competition team, alongside teaching modern and tap for the wider society.


Advanced Ballet

I have been doing ballet since the age of three and danced all the way through high school. From Colorado, I did my dance training at School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Dance Progressions in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. I danced annually in the ASFB's Nutcracker, and participated in the Oakland Ballet summer intensive. In high school I was also on my high school dance team for three years and my senior year was co-captain. Last year I taught Intermediate Ballet and choreographed the Advanced Ballet piece two years ago. This year I am teaching Advanced Ballet as well choreographing the AUDS's ballet competition team routine.


Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Highland

I have danced since the age of 3 with a variety of dance schools. I trained in ballet, tap, modern, and later jazz with The Eileen Degnan Stage School and J&J Dance. I also trained with the Scottish Ballet’s associate programs. Additionally I danced and competed with the Hemingway School Of Highland Dancing from the ages of 5 to 15. I also trained with the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (SDTA) in order to complete a two years SQA higher in Dance focusing on jazz, contemporary and choreography. I have been part of the dance society since 2014 and part of the committee since 2017 serving two years as Secretary. I have competed with the competition team for two years. I am excited to continue to be a tutor in highland for the 3rd year and to serve in my new role as one of the PRs enabling me to use social media platforms to promote the dance society and keep the society informed.


Intermediate/Advanced Highland

My name is Christine Taylor and I am currently in my 2nd of studying Primary Education at the University of Aberdeen. I have been highland dancing for 13 years and have gained my SQA grade 8. I have had many opportunities through dancing as I’ve had the experience of dancing at Disneyland Paris, The Palladium and Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. 


Beginner Ballet

I started dancing when I was six and I haven’t stopped since, ballet was my first love and will always be one of my favourites. Soon after I started dancing I began taking modern, lyrical, jazz and commercial as well. I’ve been part of AUDS for three years now and I’ve been a tutor for the past two years. I love teaching because I like seeing other people falling in love with dance and I enjoy helping people improve and give their best! 



My passion for dancing has been with me since I was 7 years old. I did modern ballet training for 4 years and switched to hip-hop for 2 years during my secondary education. Around that time, I discovered K-pop as a genre and community. With only 2 years of experience I was chosen to become a dance leader for an upcoming competition in the K-pop World Festival Bulgaria (2016) where we won 1st place. The following years I continued to immerse myself in the genre until 2018 where I unfortunately took a break from dancing. In 2019 I joined the k-pop dance classes in AUDS and got right back to my obsession. My goal is to bring joy and positive energy through movement and expression, as well as make anyone feel welcomed to perform. 




I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and tried many different styles to find out what I was really interested in. 2.5 years ago I started doing voguing and this is my passion now along with pole dancing. 



I am very passionate about dancing, especially salsa and bachata. I started with some ballet and contemporary classes when I was little but I discovered social dances recently and fell completely in love with them. Dancing is what makes me truly happy -I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I want to be 90 and still be on the dance floor, doing body waves and shimmies. I am so excited to be teaching bachata this year, we’ll have so much fun!



Hello all dancers, nice to meet you! My name is Ella, I come from Finland and arrived here by chance four years ago to study languages.  The first style of dance I ever fell in love with was ballet at the age of 3! Since then I’ve never stopped dancing but went on to try a good selection of styles. Only at AUDS I truly discovered the style that feels the most natural to me: Commercial. The sexy, girly and empowering  style let’s me express myself freely. Wanting to give back to this society I love so much through tutoring, lead me to discover my passion for teaching, which is why I’m more excited than ever to return to tutor this year as well! 


Intermediate Ballet

I have been dancing since I was three and am competent in ballet, tap and jazz. I've done many performances and shows which has taught me how much I love to perform. I am extremely excited to be taking on the Intermediate Ballet class and to represent AUDS.



My dance career started with Ceilidh dancing and Hip Hop when I was at school and I also did a LOT of musical theatre. I started dancing Salsa (and other Latin styles) about two and a half years ago and I taught Salsa at AUDS last year (2018-2019) which included co-choreographing the Salsa showcase piece. I am currently a member of a Salsa ladies performance team and myself and Andy run our own Salsa classes when AUDS is not active.


Intermediate/Advanced Highland

I have danced since 3 years old in the styles Highland, Scottish National, Tap, Modern, Freestyle and Acro-Gymnastics. I have competed in Highland and Scottish National since I was 6 years old competing in Championships all over the country including the Cowal World Championships. I had the pleasure of being my dance teacher’s apprentice for 5 years at the Wallace School of Dance and fell in love with teaching and choreographing. Dance has opened so many doors for me, provided so many crazy opportunities and helped me make some of the most amazing friends. So I can’t wait to teach this year and help provide those amazing opportunities to others.


Street Dance

I have been training in Hip Hop and street since I was 8 years old and have been competing in National, Scottish and World Championships - winning all titles with my team and solo spots. In my classes I aim to not only have fun with you guys, that you all learn something and take something away from the class. More importantly I want it to be a space where, we all let go of what is happening on the outside and just having a peace of mind through dancing & vibing together within the limited time we have, because that’s what dance means to me. I cannot wait to start dancing with you all & learning together!


Beginners Highland

My name is Linsay and I have been practicing Highland Dancing for 13 years now. I competed consistently for 9 years and won various awards throughout my time. I also sat UKA exams and completed all 8 SQA exams which included practical and theoretical sections. I have also performed at Disneyland Paris, London Palladium and Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.


Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary/Show

I began my dance journey at the age of three when my mom decided to put me into a child-ballet class because she had noticed that ballet was the only thing on TV that I actually managed to watch without getting distracted. I danced ballet for eight years until I switched to Aesthetic Group (AGG) and Rhythmic Gymnastics in which I competed on national and international level. After my gymnastic career, I started Cheerleading where I also competed but due to several injuries, I wanted to quit and start dancing. I mostly danced various types of contemporary dance styles from lyrical and show jazz to modern, ballet and improvisation. In 2014-2015 I got in to a special dance education group in which I trained from 5-10 classes each week and I also was in a competition team called Team M and we managed to take silver on our nationals and we placed fifth at IDO World Championships in Jazz Dance in Mikolajki, Poland in  2015. After 2015, I took a way too long break from dancing to do some other sports but I missed it too much so I’m back in the game. Beside contemporary dance I’m taking some small steps in hip hop, commercial dance and other street(y) dance styles.


Besides dancing, I’m a third year Neuroscience and Psychology student who loves new adventures, exercising and good WINE.


Street Dance

I had danced lots of different styles such as national Russian dance, belly dance, jazz etc. for 6 years while living in Estonia. After I moved to Aberdeen I’ve been dancing street dance, dancehall, contemporary since then. With A.L.P.H.A. team we’ve placed 1st place on the RaiseYour Game in 2018 as well as 1st place in duos.


Street Dance

I’m Natalia and I’m a hip-hop dancer and choreographer based in Aberdeen.

For me dance is like a medicine. Makes you positive, gives you energy, teaches you how to be confident but also patient. In my class, I’ll introduce you to all hip-hop styles and let you have fun with the routines I’ve prepared. I love creating choreographies and there are only few feelings better than dancing in sync with the team. It is all about having a great time together and sharing good vibes.

I have been dancing for the past 10 years. Taken part in international competitions and The Opening Ceremony of Euro 2010 in Poland. As  a dancer and choreographer in AUDS dance society I have been competing for 3 years in university competitions. I have undertaken workshops from Kendrick Sandy, Galen Hooks, Salah, WilldaBeast, Dytto, Ysabelle Capitule and many more dance influencers. I am more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with people that want to take their dancing careers to the next level. My goal is for YOU to become the best dance version of yourself.

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.


Street Dance

I have been dancing in hip hop and mainly commercial styles since the age of 9. Over the past years, I have taken part in dance showcases, competitions, performances and concept videos. I can’t wait to share my choreos with you guys, exploring the different styles within commercial and hip hop dancing. Each week is never the same; ranging from fast footwork to fluid grooves and floor work. Dance is an amazing way to connect with others whilst gaining confidence in yourself and the moves - I can’t wait to share, learn and dance with you all!


Dancehall Fusion

Hey all
I’m Paula from Slovakia, sport science student at Aberdeen uni who loves dancing, surfing and travelling. 😊
I taught dancehall fusion in AUDS for 2 years before, and I’m excited to be back after a year of learning!
 I have danced pretty much all my life but with ‘proper’ dancing, I started when I was about 11.
It all started with hip-hop and street and after about 2 years I added some jazz/contemporary.
I grew up with these styles and choreography in my hometown however, when I discovered dancehall through the music itself, Youtube videos and workshops, I found my biggest passion.
I call my classes ‘dancehall fusion’ because I take inspiration from dancehall music, steps and culture and fuse them with elements of other styles in my own choreographies.
I like to share my knowledge but I also love to learn something new from every class I teach, and so I am excited to share with you all.
See you soon!

Photo: See Image Define- 2017


Jazz/Ballet Technique

I started dancing at the age of two at the Manor School of Ballet in Edinburgh. I have trained in ballet, tap and jazz, obtaining a merit in Intermediate ballet and distinction in Gold Bar Jazz and Tap. I held a scholarship with the Manor for two years and also trained with the Ballet West Associated for three years. I have taught dance from the age of 14 and continue to volunteer teaching jazz to children. Last year I taught ballet repertoire and I’m so excited to be taking on jazz/ballet technique this year!

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