Street dance


Location: ONLINE


Day and Time: Tuesday, 18:00-19:00


Tutors: Natalia Pawelska, Laura Mathana, and Panashe Nyadundu

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description: 

Streetdance is used to describe dance styles that developed on the streets. Street dancers often make up the routine as the go, and encourage the crowds and the other dancers to interact with them. Streetdance includes hiphop, locking, poping, house and all of the dance styles that began to appearing in the United States in the 1970s. In our classes we will try to introduce you too all of those dance styles and let you have fun with some of our routines that we've prepared for the lesson. Did you always want to try dancing? Or maybe you have danced before and you still want to continue your journey with it? Come to our class and find out which style is the best for you. It will be all about having a good time together and sharing some good vibes, dancing to the music that will only make you feel better! We will try to make it as much creative as it is possible!