Location: Macrobert MR614


Day and Time: Friday: 18.15 - 19.45


TutorMarlee Van Ostrand

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet is a class for the more knowledgeable dancers. Ballet experience is recommended, but not strictly required. Classes include barre combinations, centre, allegro (jumps), and across-the-floor choreography. Throughout class, there will be a focus on stretching, strengthening, and improving technique in a fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment. We will also learn a few variations from classical ballets throughout the semester!


Recommended Attire:

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in, and socks or ballet slippers. Pointe work will not be specifically taught, but if you have experience you are more than welcome to bring them if you'd like and I will modify combinations to fit pointe work!