Contemporary & Show


Class: Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary/Show


Location: Kings Pavilion Upstairs Studio


Day and Time: Thursdays 17:00-18:30


Teacher: Maris Vasenius

Facebook Group: Here


Class Description: 

Contemporary dance is a very expressive type of dance that has (in simple terms) no limitations and therefore hard to define. The most basic influences comes from modern dance, elements of ballet, jazz and other styles depending on the dancers, locations and teachers.


An intermediate/advanced contemporary dance class consists of a good warmup with conditioning, stretching and technical training such as jumps, turns and balancing. After the technical part of the class, the students are taught a piece of choreography that they will learn and try to memorize. This part of the class highlights the importance of expression. Usually, the choreography changes every third or second week, allowing the student really to make the dance their own piece of art with their own unique interpretation of the taught piece. But again as mentioned above, there are no limitations when it comes to contemporary dance (except perhaps the imagination of the teacher) so a dancer cannot ever know what a class will include each week.


At least few years of experience in dancing is highly recommended for getting the most out of the class. Also, it is highly recommended to leave any expectations, judgements and self-doubt to the changing room. In this class, each student can be 100% their genuine self.