Frequently Asked Questions

What is AUDS?

Aberdeen University Dance Society is the biggest and the most active society under Aberdeen University Students' Association.

AUDS terms will run according to the University of Aberdeen term times, first term in September-December and second term January-April. We have almost 50 volunteers in AUDS teaching over 30 dance classes each week and organising amazing events, workshops and socials throughout the year!

How do I purchase an AUDS membership?

You can purchase your AUDS membership from the Aberdeen University Student Association website (note that you will need to register on this page before being able to purchase your membership).

Even if you are not a student at the University of Aberdeen, you can purchase your membership from the AUSA website, just select the non-student membership from the options.

Alternatively, you can also purchase your membership at the AUSA office in The Hub.

How will I get the membership card?

The membership cards are issued at the beginning of each term in the AUDS classes. We will inform our members, when the card issuing begins each time, and a member of the committee will be in each class to issue them.

However, if you join AUDS after the card issuing has officially ended, please contact AUDS (either on Facebook or, so we can arrange for you to get a card.

What is AUDS refund policy?

AUDS is only allowed to offer a refund due to medical reasons, would need to be provided with a medical certificate.

Can I just pay separately for each class?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer a pay by class system. In order to attend classes a membership must be purchased.

However, if you are interested of joining AUDS, please see the question ‘Can I try out the class before purchasing the membership?’ for instructions on how to book your free trial class.

Can I try out a class before purchasing membership?

In the beginning of each term we have a free trial period, during which everyone is welcome to attend as many classes as they would like.

If you are considering purchasing the membership after the free trial period has ended, we can arrange one trial class for you! In this case, please contact AUDS via email ( to book your free trial class.

What should I wear for class?

This depends on the class. Overall, you will need clothing you feel comfortable dancing in. We highly suggest stretchy or loose clothing which would not cause trouble when dancing.

In some classes, such as in commercial and streetdance, trainers are recommended. For our latin and ballroom classes, shoes or dancing heels are recommended, but not necessary. For other classes (such as jazz and contemporary),  bare feet is the best and the safest option.

Please note, that if you wear shoes to the class, please do not wear shoes that you wear outside, as we need to keep our floors clean!

Where do I get the latest updates about my class?

Every tutor has a Facebook group for their class, where they will post about updates, essential information or possible class changes. You can find these groups Here.

I would like to teach at AUDS, who do I contact?

Please contact AUDS via email, so that we can arrange an audition.

I would like to invite AUDS to perform, who do I contact?

Our AUDS dancers perform in many events throughout the academic year, and we have many different styles, such as salsa, other latin styles, jazz, contemporary, streetdance, and highland dancing, and you can book us to perform and/or to teach a workshop in your event.

Please contact AUDS via email if you are interested of having AUDS perform at your event. Please also specify which dance style and the performance time length you would prefer.

Where are dance classes held?

All classes are held in or around Aberdeen University campus. For a specific class location please see the timetable

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please feel free to email with any other inquiries that you may have