Location: Elphinstone Hall


Day and Time: Coming soon...


Tutor: Coming soon...

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description:

Jazz is an ideal style for the fast, fierce and technical dancer. Lyrical is a very expressive form of dance, allowing the dancer to show individuality. Lyrical and Jazz share a lot of core technique, which will be built upon in class and incorporated into performance.  


The class is targeted at those with previous dance experience, but all are very welcome. 


In general, class will begin with a high intensity warm up and stretch, followed by strength training and technical exercises. There will be opportunities to explore advanced moves, improvisation and duet work. Choreography will vary each week with Sam or Helen, ranging from fast musical theatre numbers to mellow abstract pieces. 


Recommended Attire:

Please wear comfortable clothing and dance in bare feet/ foot thongs/ trainers depending on the routine. Be prepared to bring determination and leave with sweat and a smile!