Competition Team


The AUDS Competition Team was first created in 2015. They have competed across the UK in multiple styles, taking home many trophies each and every year. All our choreographers come from within the society. The team competes at an advanced level, and all members of the society are welcome to audition.


In the year (2019/2020), the team competed in more styles than ever with ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, lyrical, hiphop, highland and latin. They competed at three national competitions; St. Andrews, Manchester and Dundee, and placed in the following categories; 

St. Andrews

Advanced Ballet - 3rd 

Advanced Contemporary - 1st

Advanced Tap - 3rd

Advanced Hiphop - 3rd 

Lyrical - 1st and highest scoring performance of the day!



Advanced Ballet - 3rd

Advanced Tap - 2nd

Advanced Jazz - 2nd

Advanced Contemporary - 3rd

Lyrical - 1st

Hiphop - 3rd

Freshers' Dance - 1st

Improv - 2nd by Agneta Lāce, 1st by Minka Laine

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