Beginner Ballet


Location: Macrobert MR614


Day and TimeFriday: 17.00 - 18.00


Tutor: Coming soon...

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description: 

Beginner's Ballet is aimed at those with little or no previous ballet experience. We'll be starting right at the beginning with the five basic positions and throughout the year we'll build our skills towards mid-level jumps and turns, like pas de chats and pirouettes. We'll be learning techniques and exercises to help strengthen the body as well as focusing on the performance side of ballet. Those with a bit more ballet experience, or experience in similar styles like contemporary, are more than welcome to work on their skills.


Recommended Attire:

A leotard and tights is ideal clothing but comfort and mobility is far more important, so just make sure you can move freely. Soft ballet shoes or socks are optimal footwear as well.