Location: Macrobert MR614


Day and Time: Tuesday: 17.00 - 18.00


Tutor: Heather Maxwell

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description

This class will be made up of three different elements; a warm-up, a skill focus and a combination. The warm-up will last around ten minutes and will include a stretch routine to improve on flexibility. Each week there will be a different skill focus which will be broken down into different segments in order to gradually build up the skill and hopefully perfect it. Towards the end of the lesson each week we will work on a combination that builds on the skills we are improving on. There will also be room for everyone to join in to create choreography as a class so that you are able to use your creativity to create a piece you enjoy performing. Overall, dancers of any ability are welcome to come and enjoy a relaxed, laidback class!

Recommended Attire:

In terms of what to wear to class there are no rules, wear whatever makes you comfortable.