Location: Butchart Centre


Day and Time: Monday: 19.30 - 20.30


Tutor: Laura Irvine

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description:

Having originated in the highlands of Scotland as a male style of dance to tell a story, highland dancing has since spread worldwide with notable popularity within females in Scotland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Highland Dancing is a solo competitive style of dancing which requires strength, stamina and technique (not to be confused with Scottish country dancing!). It is a step dance and we will learn highland, national and character dances. 


The beginners class is designed to accommodate new dancers or dancers for whom highland might be brand new! This class will build from the foundations of highland dance, learning basic steps and dances. 


The first semester will focus on learning dances with some short choreography and the second semester we will prepare for the showcase in Spring!

Recommended Attire:

Wear whatever is comfortable to dance in and if you have dance pumps, we recommend that you wear them. Ballet shoes and other soft shoes are also okay, or you are welcome to dance in your socks. Trainers are not suitable unless it is a conditioning class.