Location: ONLINE


Day and Time: Thursday, 20.30-22.00


Tutors: Déborah Gillard and Luis Toral

Facebook Group: Here

Class Description: 

Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic that is now very popular and danced all over the world. Our goal with this class is to teach leadable moves which can be used in socials. The class will be progressive; the first few classes will focus on moving comfortably and confidently on bachata rhythms, transitioning into fundamental bachata footwork and partner work. This will include bachata timing turns, shines, musicality, leading and following techniques. As we get deeper into the term, we will explore some fun and challenging bachata routines by using smart tips to help you look smooth onto the dance floor in no time. We will go through some sensual bachata moves and routines as well; sensual bachata is now the most romantic Latin dance that exists, it is a new style that focuses on the connection between dance partners. Thus, we will focus on explaining good leading and following skills as well as basic body movements to perform dynamic sensual moves. There will always be a nice social at the end of each class to practice the newly learned moves and enjoy dancing bachata all together.


No previous dancing experience required. No need to bring a partner or wear specific clothes/shoes, just bring your energy and your smile!