About Us

Launched in December 2007 with only 4 classes and less than 20 members, AUDS has experienced an exponential growth over the past few years and now offers more than 20 classes per week. Everyone is welcome! We aim to introduce dancing to beginners in an easy and fun way as well as to improve the skill and technique of more experienced students. 


AUDS offers a wide range of classes including: ballet, jazz, hiphop, street dance, breakdance, tap, contemporary, salsa, highland and many more...

AUDS also invites members to take part in various performances and competitions that are organised regularly throughout the year. Each academic year is ended with a massive End of the Year Showcase where tutors and students get a chance to show off their skills and amazing routines!

AUDS has one of the largest community of active members at the university, making it a great place to hang out, learn, develop, make new friends and most importantly, enjoy the art of dance!